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Uniting expertise and knowledge

Re:Cognition Health

An international medical clinic of brain and mind experts specifically in CTE and the global leaders in the detection, diagnosis and provision of the latest treatments for conditions affecting the brain, especially with respect to traumatic brain injury in contact sports.

Re:Cognition Health UK, headquartered in London, and Re:Cognition USA, centred in North Virginia, provide award-winning cognitive healthcare services for patients of all ages, enabling access to new generation treatments for neurological conditions and a commitment to changing the future of brain and mind health.

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Cogwear Technologies

Cogwear is a cognitive health company developing comfortable, wearable technology that gives consumers on-demand access to their own clinical-grade cognitive feedback in virtually any setting.

Pioneered together with neuroscience experts from the University of Pennsylvania and supported by the National Science Foundation, Cogwear’s proprietary electroencephalography (EEG) sensors are designed to measure, interpret, and report electrical brain activity through a secure app and sharable dashboard.

Cogwear is moving clinical-grade brain insights from the lab, to the real world. Giving consumers, healthcare providers and wellness experts a powerful new data-driven tool for behavioural health diagnostics and treatment in athletics, human performance and occupational safety.

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