Product Development:

It’s what’s above the neck that counts

Protect what makes you, you

While the debate around whether to change the rules of the sport, encourage players to change their style of play or increase awareness of brain injury in sport rages on, at Rezon, we chose to act now and develop smart, practical solutions for reducing rotational brain trauma.

At Rezon, our product development efforts, focus and research are all about the brain, not the head or skull.

Rezon is the advocate for the brain in sport.

  • Empowering a choice on reducing brain trauma across all ability levels, genders, ages and sports;
  • Reducing brain trauma, not purely the management and measurement of it;
  • Educating on rotational forces and the science of reduced rotational brain trauma;
  • Supporting greater awareness of brain health;
  • Working with sports psychology to determine how the brain affects performance; and
  • Championing issues around positive mental health in sport.
Rezon Halo inner close-up logo

Years in the making

Over two years of research and development sit behind the first Rezon product to market, Halos®. But behind this, are two questions that intrigued the founder for over two decades:

  • Why do we protect our shins and not our brain?

  • And, why is sports performance solely focused below the neck?

Those two questions led to in-depth research and an expert team being assembled, to challenge conventional science and the develop of Halos®, the world’s most advanced and technically superior solution to reducing rotational brain injury from concussive and sub-concussive impacts in contact sports.

Rezon’s product development journey has only just begun. We want you to join us as we empower further choice on how to reduce rotational brain injury, protect your performance and keep you in the game in sport, and life.