Worth Knowing.

No, but by wearing it you will mitigate the risk of a career or life changing brain injury.  Not all brain injuries are unavoidable.

It’s all about rotational force reduction to the brain.  Rotection® technology is designed to minimise the transmission of rotational forces to the brain based on the likely points of contact and impact to the head in sports.

Halos returns to its original orientation and shape, with no loss of performance, opposed to needing to be replaced on single impact.

Scrum caps are regulated to limit any meaningful protection to the head, except for superficial cuts/ grazes and protecting the ears.   Scrum caps also increase the risk of rotational forces based on their padding design, the gaps between the foam shapes allow for increased “catch points”.  The Halos headband, unlike a rugby scrum, is specifically designed to provide rotational force reduction and has a flat surface that reduces any catch points for increased rotational forces.  Rezon Halos is a legally certified piece of protective equipment, a scrum cap is not.

Yes, provided the helmet still fits your head and you don’t damage or invalidate the helmet e.g. by removing the inner liner of the helmet.

Everyone, brain injury is an issue for all.  It can impact whatever age, position, team, fitness and experience level. Females and those under 23 are at an increased risk.  Individuals with pre-existing neurological conditions are advised to consult their doctor before using the product.

A player should be removed from play as soon as they are suspected of having a concussion.  Those who continue to play after suffering a concussion are more likely to have a higher number of symptoms and more severe symptoms, compared to those who stopped playing immediately after their injury.   Returning to play too soon can increase the risk of sustaining further injury and subsequent symptoms, requiring a prolonged period of recovery.   Changes in white matter, brain connections and blood flow can persist a year or more after a concussion. Repetitive brain injury can lead to long term progressive symptoms of brain injury due to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)

We don’t know any safe threshold tolerance for rotational forces to the brain, or if a certain number of impacts leads to later-life brain degeneration, or if there is a safe threshold of repetitive impacts in a game, season and career. Meaning, it’s more a question of how little brain trauma is in fact too much.

Yes.  If you play contact sports, you are at risk of impacts to the head which can have a cumulative effect on your brain.  The brain defines and differentiates performance in the game of sport, and life.   Protect Your Performance, now.

The minimalist and discrete profile of Halos does not change the nature of sport e.g., head to ball contact performance, power and accuracy, and the product operates across different environmental conditions.  A key design principle was to reduce false confidence or harming other players.

Choose the smaller size. Halos should be a secure, snug fit on the head.

We expect the product to last a minimum of a year, but it all depends how frequently you use it and take care of the product.  Ideally the product should be replaced after 24 months from first use, and replaced immediately if it becomes damaged.  Please inspect and check the product before each use.

Please get in touch contact us at recycle@rezonwear.com

No. Medical devices are used to treat a medical condition (i.e. after the event). Halos is personal protective equipment (PPE) that actively mitigates injury (i.e. during the event).  PPE is required by law to be independently tested and certified by an independent European notified safety and testing organisation.

The CE mark indicates that the product is compliant with the relevant EU legislation.

It is illegal to place any protective headwear on the UK and European product market for sale without PPE CE certification. Rezon Halos is the first and only legally approved sports protective wearable of its type in the UK and Europe, having secured Category II PPE certification and is legally approved to use the CE mark.