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Halos® is a ground-breaking sports headband designed to protect the brain from impacts to the head whilst playing sports; reducing your risk of a potentially career-ending or life-changing concussion and the effects of sub-concussive brain injury.

Halos® is designed with our signature black and silver hexagon pattern, reflecting a bold dynamic style and nature-inspired protective design.

Halos® is proven to reduce the transmission of rotational forces by 61%, reducing your risk of concussion and sub-concussive brain injury.

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    Halos® is a thin, lightweight, soft and flexible sports headband that is proven to reduce the transmission of rotational forces from head impacts (e.g. head-to-head, head-to-ball, head-to-ground, head-to-knee) in sports.

    Deliberately designed:

    Impacts to the head involve rotational forces which cause your brain to rotate inside the skull and brain cells to shear. Rotational brain injury causes concussion and increases your risk of diffuse axonal injury (DAI) and long-term neurodegenerative diseases including Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). Halos® is uniquely and intentionally designed to lessen the risk of rotational brain injury due to the reduction in the transmission of rotational forces to the brain from concussive and sub-concussive impacts.

    Advanced technology:

    Patented Rotection® technology inside Halos® is made up of nine unique protective layers that allow for the movement and opposing movement of the layers to reduce the transmission of rotational forces by up to 61%, based on independent testing.

    Rethought purpose:

    A headguard (scrum cap) design increases the risk of rotational forces to the brain given the padding-shaped design, with the gaps between the foam shapes allowing for increased “catch points” that increase rotational forces to the brain. Understanding the mechanics of brain injury from rotational forces and the physicality of the brain to sub-concussions means that Rezon would never permit Rotection technology to be used in a headguard (scrum cap) design.

    Game comfort:

    Halos® outer layer is a water repellent, tear-resistant performance fabric in a signature black and silver hexagon pattern. Next to the skin is an anti-microbial and hypoallergenic lining with breathability and sweat-wicking properties. A textured silicone grip on the inner lining ensures that Halos® remains securely in place (including when heading a football or in the scrum and ruck in rugby). Halos® moulds to fit every head shape and hairstyle, allowing for maximum comfort.

    Ergonomic shaping:

    Halos® protects 80% of the head areas that have the highest probability of receiving an impact in sport and provides 53% coverage of the head. This coverage percentage is based on NOCSAE head and Hybrid III neck model that represents the head size of 50th percentile males.

    The shape of the Halos® is deliberately engineered to allow for zero distraction and no change to playing style (including in the power or direction of heading a football).

    Halos® should be a secure and tight fit on the head.

    Environmentally sound:

    Halos® will last the minimum of one season, but it depends on how frequently you use it and take care of the product. Ideally, Halos® should be replaced 24 months after its first use and replaced immediately if it becomes damaged. Please inspect and check Halos® before each use. Halos® is a machine-washable product at 30 degrees and is quick drying to allow for easy care, wash and re-wear. Halos® is a recyclable product.

    Legally compliant:

    Halos® has been tested against CE safety specifications and been issued with EU type-examination certification as a Category II Personal Protective Equipment product. The first product of its type to have achieved such in the UK, 27 EU Member states and 4 EFTA countries – where the CE mark applies.

    Halos® is also UKCA marked.

    Halos® is FIFA Rule 4 compliant.

    Medically reviewed:

    Wearing Halos® will reduce the risk of a one-off hit that could trigger a career-ending or life-changing concussion. Wearing Halos® consistently in training and games may reduce your accumulated burden of sub-clinical brain injury. This could lessen the risk of reducing your cognitive reserve for one-off hits and your potential risk of triggering longer-term neurodegenerative consequences.

    Unsure of size or buying for someone else? Purchase a gift card.
    Please contact us for order sizes over 100 units.

    Rezon Halos® Sizes

    We fit all sizes. Halos® comes in seven sizes to allow for the youngest sportsperson up to those with larger heads. Find out more information about measuring and how to wear your Rezon Halos® on our size guide page.

    Head Circumference (self-measured):52-54cm54-56cm56-58cm58-60cm60-62cm62-64cm64-66cm


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