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Rezon, Re:Cognition Health, and Kings College University are collaborating in a world-first study to demonstrate the protection for the brain provided by Rezon Halos® when worn during contact sports.

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This study pushes scientific and research boundaries further than currently evidenced.

It will for the first time demonstrate how repetitive head impacts, in the course of game play and training (head-to-head, head-to-ground, head to ball, head to post) cause damage to the brain, with this being evidenced through pioneering neuro-imaging.

There will be a focus on the crucial nerve pathways within the brain, which are identified as particularly vulnerable to repetitive head trauma over time. The study will also correlate the quantitative effect of multiple linear and rotational forces to which the head is subjected to, and better understand brain tolerances of rotational forces.

This world-first study brings together the pioneering Rezon Halos® product, the true experts on brain trauma and utilises the most developed and sophisticated brain imaging technology to give ground-breaking and game-changing insights. The results of this study will be available in late 2022.