Rethinking the science, and rethought design.

It’s what’s above the neck that counts

Rotection® technology is designed to minimise the transmission of rotational forces to the brain, reducing the risk of a career-ending and/or life-changing concussion and effects of cumulative traumas to the brain.

Rotection® is patent pending, UK patent application no.2107882.9

Professional rugby player - back of head

Rotection® is based on a proprietary design of nine unique individual protective layers that purposefully and collectively reduce the transmission of rotational forces to the brain.

Rethinking the science

Our approach to reduction of rotational forces is quite different to the conventional science used in protective equipment. We don’t focus on linear forces (g-force) reduction, energy dissipation, impact control or shock absorption. Instead we have developed a system of layered materials that absorb up to 30mm of movement, drastically reducing the transmission of rotational forces to the brain.

Rezon Halos protective layers
Rezon Halos band

Rethought design

The shape of the HALOS is deliberately engineered to avoid generating false confidence in the wearer, to provide protection to the areas of the head most at risk of impact and to minimise any negative impact on the performance of the sportsperson. Lightweight, comfortable and as smart as it is simple.