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Using recognised, international standard methods of independent, rigorous, and as far as possible, reality-based laboratory testing, Rezon has developed the most efficient sports equipment of its type. Halos® is the first Rezon product to come to market.

Halos® is the first and only legally approved sports protective wearable of its type in the UK and Europe, having secured Category II PPE certification and being able to use the CE mark legally. It is illegal to place any protective headwear on sale in the UK and European without appropriate certification.

Extreme Head-to-Ground Impact Testing

Based on UK independent lab testing at Sheffield Hallam University, the Rezon Halos® product lowers the peak linear acceleration of the head by an average of 41% on each extreme head-to-ground impact, and peak rotational acceleration of the head by an average of 27% on each extreme head-to-ground impact.

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This claim is based on the product being tested at the internationally renowned Centre of Excellence for Sports Engineering and Research. This testing was to simulate an extreme head-to-ground impact scenario.

  • A freely suspended head form was held at a consistent orientation prior to being dropped from 98.9cm on to ridged plane inclined at 45 degrees. The plane was covered with EVA foam to provide a compliant layer which increases frictional contact forces and initiates a greater rate of rotation. Essentially, this was designed to induce the maximum amount of rotational impact possible.
  • The inside of the head forms a triaxial accelerometer and triaxial rate gyro which collected impact data synchronously at 100 Khz downloaded after each impact. A high-speed video camera, oriented perpendicular to the plane of impact, was used to capture impact conditions at 2000 frames per second. To establish the base condition, the naked head form was dropped onto the inclined surface. The impact was repeated 12 times for each test condition to allow consistency to be assessed. The head form was then fitted with Halos® with impacts recorded.
  • The acceleration and rate gyro data were processed to produce resultant linear and rotational accelerations. Comparing peak linear and rotational performance, Rezon Halos® successfully attenuates the impact in comparison to the naked head condition.
Peak linear acceleration
Peak rotational acceleration
Impact duration
Average Standard Deviation Average Standard Deviation Average Standard Deviation
Naked Head 133.7 3.4 4,798.4 241.8 14.1 0.2
Rezon Halos® 79.3 3.5 3,510.2 128.8 17.4 0.2

Head-to-Head Impact Testing

Based on US, independent lab testing at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), the Rezon Halos® product lowered the peak linear acceleration of the head up to 64% on each head-to-head impact, and lowers the peak rotational acceleration of the head up to 61% on each head-to-head impact.
This claim is based on the product being tested at Virginia Tech to simulate a head-to-head impact scenario.

  • Virginia Tech provides ratings that allow consumers to make informed decisions when purchasing helmets and protective headgear on products that lower head acceleration and reduce concussion risk. The ratings and test results are based on more than ten years of research on head impacts in sports and are independent of any influence from manufacturers. The ratings identify which protective headgear best reduce concussion risk, with five stars representing the best available.
  • Halos® underwent the Soccer Star test methodology, with head-to-head impacts tests conducted on the side and back of the head from across three different velocities (2, 3, 4 m/s).
  • Halos® achieved a five-star rating, 0.26 score. This is qualified as reducing the risk of concussion by 74% when wearing Rezon Halos® based on the Virginia Tech methodology.
Virginia Tech - 5 star Helmet Rating

Below details the peak linear and rotational acceleration reduction achieved by Halos® based on impacts to the back and side of the head and different velocities.

Head Area Speed
Reduction linear acceleration achieved by Halos® Reduction rotational acceleration achieved by Halos®
Back 2 64% 61%
Back 3 50% 49%
Back 4 37% 36%
Side 2 60% 61%
Side 3 49% 46%
Side 4 35% 40%
CE mark

Legal Certification

All head protection must be tested and certified as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulation – PPE Directive (EU) 2016/425 before being legally sold in the UK and Europe. PPE legislation is a completely separate piece of legislation from, and should not be confused, with the Medical Devices Directive. Head protection cannot be legally tested or classified as a medical device, as it does not provide a therapeutic benefit.

Head protection falls into either Category II (independent testing and certification) or Category III (independent testing and certification, plus ongoing surveillance of production quality). It is illegal to place any protective headwear on the UK and European product market for sale without certification. Any person or organisation that claims that protective headwear is Category I PPE or a medical device is incorrect.

For Category II and III products, independent European notified bodies provide EEC Certification to show that the manufacturer’s products have complied with the PPE Legislation, and that manufacturers may put their CE mark on a product. The independent European notified body will ensure testing covers all of the essential requirements of the PPE legislation. A manufacturer of a protective headwear can only place a CE mark on the product and/or packaging if the product has been tested and certified by an independent European notified body.

Halos® is the first and only legally approved sports protective of its type in the UK and Europe, having secured Category II PPE certification from Italcert Notified body No.0426, and is legally approved to use the CE mark.

Halos® is also UKCA marked, which, in accordance with British Government measures, permits a product already covered by a valid EU type-examination certificate.

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Setting the Standard

Rezon is a member of The British Safety Industry Federation. This is the UK Trade Association for the Safety Industry and a major independent voice for UK safety. BSIF work closely with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Trading Standards. BSIF are the lead association for the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulation.

To help give assurances on PPE & Safety Equipment BSIF audit members under the ‘Registered Safety Supplier Scheme’, through this scheme a strict set of protocols are set for members so they can prove alignment with their regulatory/legislative requirements. The scheme seeks to improve the quality of product and the capability of suppliers in the safety/PPE market.

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