Ethical Baseline:

Balancing purpose, profit and positive impact

From the outset, the ethical baseline has mattered, while also embracing the best design, materials, manufacturing and quality standards to create an innovative performance product for the global stage.

Rezon is committed to being economically equitable for all parties involved in the product supply chain. Rezon has chosen to have UK-based design and manufacturing operations; lowering carbon footprint, preserving and promoting British manufacturing, saving essential skills, boosting local economies and creating job opportunities.

Rezon is committed to investing in research, harnessing new insights and supporting further research into brain health.

With Rezon, every design principle and decision is intentional.

Rezon Halo band thread

Good for All

Environmental impact, sustainability and ethical factors have informed the design, components and manufacturing choices of Rezon.

From day one, Rezon has been a brand focused on upholding ethical and sustainable practices at every stage. From recyclable materials and reduced packaging to in-house repairs, we want to be as sustainable as possible.

Rezon’s textile choices contain OEKO-TEX®, certified recyclable materials from manufacturing waste and plastic bottles. These materials reduce the demand for oil that is turned into new plastic, emitting fewer greenhouse gases and conserving water and energy.

Reducing Waste

Unnecessary packaging waste is a huge problem. Rezon’s postal packaging is recyclable and sized for the product. Halos® and Halos® Team products come in washbag pouches, with no polybags, tissue paper or tags used.

Halos® and Halos® Team are made-to-order products, with considered stock levels to reduce textile waste and a commitment to using selected materials containing 100% recycled content.

Halos® and Halos® Teams products do not contain glue and adhesives, to reduce environmental footprint.

Rezon Halos with football boots


Circularity means a product has an end-of-life plan for when it is finished being used. Less than one per cent of clothing material is recycled into new garments as the industry incinerates or landfills 73% of materials.

Halos® and Halos® Team are circular products, with the textile elements recycled and the impact polymer materials reduced to a rubber crumb for use on artificial turf pitches.

Rezon Halo band process

Proudly British

At Rezon, we value British-made products and believe the United Kingdom’s reputation for high-quality manufacturing is worth protecting.

Working conditions matter to us, as do conditions throughout Rezon’s supply chain. Rezon manufactures in Yorkshire, where all the team are paid the living wage and work in a modern factory environment with a proud manufacturing heritage.

Made in Britain logo

Rezon is a Made in Britain member, a body for responsible, transparent and authenticated British manufacturers.

Giving Back

Rezon is committed to supporting charities to further research into brain trauma.

The first project to be supported is Scores, an independent UK research study designed to better understand the cognitive health of athletes as they age.

The Scores study will investigate the rate of cognitive decline in former professional sportspeople compared with the average healthy person. This is a longitudinal project designed to monitor brain health in former male and female athletes for the next 10 years.