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Why do you protect your shins, and not your brain?

Speed, agility, strength… all vital factors in achieving sporting success, but isn’t it time to think about protecting what really sets you apart? The brain.

The brain defines personality, mood, intelligence, memory, thinking ability, information processing and decision making. It is the brain that differentiates your performance in the game of sport, and life.

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Halos® from Rezon is a ground-breaking wearable, designed to protect the brain from impacts to the head, whilst playing sport.

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Bespoke colourways and designs to match club or team kit, including sponsor/club crest, initials or squad number.

Rotection® Technology

The brain is vulnerable, not just to a single impact, but also to multiple impacts. Whatever the sport, impacts to the head from a ball, head, elbow, knee and the ground create rotational forces that twist and shear brain cells, which cause damage to the brain and hamper your performance, or stop you playing all together.

Our unique Rotection® technology minimises the rotational forces to the brain, reducing the risk of a life-changing or career-ending concussion, and the effects of cumulative trauma to the brain.

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