No Brain, No Gain

Rezon, pronounced REE-ZON, is an alternative spelling of reason. Protecting the brain has reason and justification.

Life comes with risk. Sport heightens those dangers thrilling so, but for a century it has been recognised that brain injury sustained from contact sports can lead to chronic progressive brain damage and neurological symptoms.

Players continually push their bodies to the limit in order to perform, and the 21st century had brought about a reimagining of physical ability. Yet the brain is the most fundamental component and differentiator of performance in sport, and life.

Rezon is the advocate for the brain in sport, focusing on challenging the notion that sporting performance is below the neck and offering a ground-breaking solution on protecting performance.

With Rezon every design principle and every decision is intentional. We work only with the leading global experts in biomechanics, neuroscience and leaders in the detection, diagnosis and provision of the latest treatments for conditions affecting the brain. From the outset our ethical baseline has mattered too; with environmental impact and sustainability informing our design, component and manufacturing choices.


Brain injury can hamper your performance, or stop you playing all together.

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Developing smart and practical solutions to brain trauma.

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Values-driven purpose and being a force for good.

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Giving as much consideration to social and environmental impact as to financial return.

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