Size Guide:

Rezon Halos® Sizes

How to Measure

We fit all head sizes.

Halos® sizing is based on head circumference. But fitting your head is not an exact science, heads come in all shapes and sizes. Do not guess your size!

Head circumference is measured from the middle of the forehead and covering the widest part of the back of the head. Be sure to completely encircle the head, as shown.

The measurement should be done using a soft, non-stretchable, flexible (cloth /plastic) tape measure, or with the Rezon custom measuring tool. The tape measure or custom measuring tool should be a tight fit.

Please be aware that hairstyles that might affect the measurements. Also remove any hair clips or accessories that might alter the measurements.
Depending on the sport and personal preference, you can choose to measure above the ears or with the tape sitting on the top of the ears. The tape should sit above the eyebrows and lie flat against the forehead.

Measure your head at least twice for accuracy and measure in centimetres. If you are in between sizes, choose the smaller size.

Find your corresponding size on the Rezon size chart.

Rezon Halos - Head measurement illustration
Head measurement size illustration
Rezon protective headband - Hexo

How to Wear Rezon Halos®

The narrow section of the band should sit at the front of the head, on the forehead and above the eyebrows. The Rezon logo should be positioned on the left temple area.

It is personal preference to have the band above the ears or covering the top of the ears, the band has been designed to accommodate both wearing styles. The band should be equally aligned on the head, not twisted to the right or left side.

The broader section of the band should be positioned at the back of the head, hair can be worn above the band, using the drop at the back to accommodate a pony tail.

For more commonly asked questions and answers relating to Halos®, please see our FAQs.

Rezon Halos® Fit Guarantee

Halos® is designed to reduce your risk, so it must fit correctly. For most, Halos® will be a perfect fit from day one. For some people, it might take a few sizing attempts.

If Halos® moves while wearing, it is too large! And Halos® should never obstruct your view.

If you feel any tension or end up with deep red marks on your forehead, pick the next size up!

If your Halos® does not fit – let us know and send it back – we will correct the sizing and resend.

Rezon Halos® Sizes

We fit all sizes. Halos® comes in seven sizes to allow for the youngest sportsperson up to those with larger heads.

Head Circumference (self-measured):52-54cm54-56cm56-58cm58-60cm60-62cm62-64cm64-66cm

Rezon Halos® Technical Dimensions

Rezon Halos dimensions
Measurement referenceA-BC-DE-FG-HI-I
Measurement DescriptionFront DepthBack Depth (Dip)Back Depth (Widest Point)ThicknessCircumference
Measured from the top to the bottom of the headband at the frontMeasured from the top (where the dip is located) to the bottom at the backMeasured from the highest point to the bottom in a straight line down the backMeasured from the inner circumference to the outer curcumference (making sure the layers are ‘tight’)Measured around the full headband starting and finishing at the same point (this is a relaxed measurement and may differ from the size chart)
+ or – 0.5mm+ or – 0.5mm+ or – 0.5mm+ or – 0.5mm+ or – 0.5mm