Keeping you in the game*

*in sport and life.

Our values set the tone and shape every aspect of Rezon’s purpose. They direct the strategy we pursue, the operations that drive us forward, and underpin how we operate and do business beyond the confines of our team, customers and suppliers.

Game-on. We think differently:

Innovation goes beyond thinking afresh – it means challenging the status quo and going beyond the problem and the excuses. Being bold in thought and diverse in insight. Having the courage to think differently.

Uncomplicated. We keep it simple:

Simple can be harder than complex. In our thinking, products and style, we aspire for sophistication through simplicity and function over everything.

Unfiltered. We believe in ourselves:

Authenticity, strength of mind, diversity of thought, hard work and perseverance are part of who and what we are. Our belief in independence of thought means we can deliver a unique product.

A Founder’s Purpose

So how did Rezon’s founder come to this purpose and go on to fill the gap of brain protection in the market?

“Firstly, I had to understand the problem – to know the problem is to know the solution”.

“I have frustration with some people who talk about brain injury, but do not have a solution, talking about a problem does not make the problem go away or solve the problem. Solving a problem is bringing something to the table to see whether it works”.

“All I’m doing here is giving people a choice to empower themselves. It’s about protecting your performance because the only performance you need comes from your brain. I’m not looking at this in 2022; I’m in 2032.”