Rezon Ltd is a leading innovator. Below provides notice of the intellectual property rights of Rezon.

Registered Trademarks

Rezon avatar, “ROTECTION”, “HALOS”, “PROTECT YOUR PERFORMANCE”, “NO BRAIN NO GAIN” are registered trademarks of Rezon Ltd in the UK and other geographies.

You are not permitted to use these trade marks (or any other trademarks used by us on our website, packaging or ancillary items connected to Rezon products) without our approval.

All other marks, illustrations, images and logos which appear on our products, packaging or ancillary items and platforms, whether registered or not are and remain the exclusive ownership of Rezon and are protected by applicable trademark laws across geographies.

Registered Designs

Below lists Rezon products with registered design rights. This list provides notice of the intellectual property rights of Rezon Ltd. The following list of products and intellectual property rights may not be exhaustive, and does not include applications which are pending but not yet published.

  • UK Registered Design Nos 6142751, 6142752, 6142753, 6142754, 6142755, 6142756, 6142757, 6142758, 6142759
  • EU Registered Design Nos 008797203-0001, 008797203-0002
  • US Design Patent Application Nos 29/790778, 29/790779


  • UK Patent Serial Number: GB2604408
  • International Patent Application No. PCT/GB2022/051356
  • Additional US Patents Pending


Note all other intellectual property rights (including without limitation, registered and unregistered trademarks, logos, designs, copyrights, patents, know-how or trade secrets) in or related to products connected to Rezon products are and shall remain the exclusive right of Rezon Ltd.